My name is Adam Corkett and I work in the areas of Graphic Design and Interactive Media, currently (since 2008) I work as a Curriculum Leader and Lectuer at a Further Education Institution in the UK.

My key skillsets are broadly based in the areas of design and development, but spill over into traditional media production. I am very proficient with ActionScript, PHP / MySQL, HTML / CSS, have a strong understanding of SEO techniques and am skilled with design software including: Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop. I also possess Adobe Associates Certification in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere; currently I am an Adobe Education Leader and an active member of the Adobe Education Community.

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Interactive Media from the University of Lincoln (now part of HSAD) in Hull after completing a HND in Graphic and Multimedia Design at Yorkshire Coast College (2003-05).

Working with students ranging from level one through to bachelor's degree, and focussing mainly on interactive media and general media studies I am always interested in work for my own professional development and live projects for my students. I am still based in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I have a passion for Photography, which is one of my most prominent pastimes and have experience of video production and editing techniques.

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